Players Championship Tips 2022

The Players Championship is considered the big PGA tournament before the majors occur. Here at Golf Forecast we provide betting tips for every PGA and DP World Tour tournament – today, we’re going to give away our algorithms top picks, and explain how they were calculated. 

If you’ve heard about our algorithm before, you’d know we bet a very specific way. Our strategy makes winning more consistent, and minimizes losses. The algorithm does a series of calculations to find the top 22% of the playing field based on value. We then tell you which bookmaker to use based on the ones you have accounts with, and how much to stake for each player. Members pay £1 for these features, so we’ll be going over just the top 5 tips today.

Top 5 tips for the Players Championship 2022

  1. Scottie Scheffler @ 25/1 William Hill 9 @ 1/5
  2. Hideki Matsuyama 30/1 William Hill 9 @ 1/5
  3. Sungjae Im 45/1 Bet365 8 @ 1/5
  4. Tyrrell Hatton 50/1 Bet365 8 @ 1/5
  5. Adam Scott 55/1 Bet365 8 @ 1/5

Let’s talk about how we calculated these tips, and why the value is so high.

There are 132 players competing in the Players Championship. We want to look at every player and determine which bookmaker is offering the best odds. If you convert all 132 odds into a percentage and add them up, you’ll get 110.4%. What does this mean? If you bet £1 on every player to win outright, you’ll lose £10.4. Now let’s do this with e/w terms, which have better value. Putting every set of odds into a percentage and summing them up, you’d get -91.1%. This means that if you bet on every single player using the best available odds and e/w terms, you’d make 8.9%. Better right? Now let’s leverage this data and bet on the top 22% of these players.

Here are the steps to find the real value of a player:

  1. The Implied percentage (The odds made by a bookmaker in the form of a percentage).
  2. Normalised percentage (The odds made by a bookmaker in the form of a percentage if they were to break-even).
  3. Predicted Percentage (The odds made by our algorithm in the form of a percentage).
  4. Discrepancy Percentage (The difference between our algorithms prediction and the normalised percentage).

Now, there are a few things to point out. We don’t want to bet on favourites (odds below 25/1) nor bet on players with odds above 125/1. This narrows it down a bit. Next, we’re going to base our tips on the best 22 discrepancy percentages. Our algorithm does this automatically, and highlights it in a table for members to use when placing their bets. In this case, we've taken the top 5 discrepancy percentages and laid them out in this article. 

Whether you're using the tips in this article, or the full list, you can be confident in leveraging value. 

Until next time!