Take your golf betting profits to the next level

The GolfForecast algorithm gives you the highest value golf tips possible. We provide you with:

  • Picks for both the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour
  • Calculated budget distribution based on your bank
  • Optimal bookie selection for each tip, taking into account your preferred bookies

Use the profit graphs to see the results of our algorithm

How to read the graphs:
Assume 1 point = £10. E.g.: each tournament you bet 20 points (£200).
+35 points means a profit of £355, -20 points means a loss of £200.

Hover over or click on the graph for more info

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At £10 per point.

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As a % of inital bank.
From Jan 1st '18 till now

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Avg. Monthly Profit

At £10 per point.

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Strike Rate

Percent of events with positive return.

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Winner Strike Rate

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Divide your starting bank by this num = what you should stake per event. Lower the better.

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"22 tips an event!? Why so many?"

By tipping around 22 players, we balance strike rate with ROI, and allow you to take advantage of the power of compound interest.

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it - Einstein


  • Take full advantage of golf's generous each-way betting terms:
    • Did you know: each-way terms of 7 @ 1/5 equate to around 24% extra value compared to a win-only bet! more info
  • Safer
    • So you can stake a greater percentage of your bank, per event (or start with a smaller bank).
  • Consistent
    • More consistent returns mean you can better take advantage of compound interest.


  • Effort
    • Requires more effort to place extra bets.

Common Questions

We make tips for weekly tournaments available on our website as soon as the odds are available on oddschecker.com – typically Monday of each week. They will also be sent to your inbox every Tuesday.
For our diversified algorithm (which we recommend), we provide bet recommendations for 17 to 27 golfers per event. This reduces your risk on any one event, and provides more consistent returns. It also makes it easier to compound your winnings and slowly increase your stakes in future events.
Yes and no, we tip the same golfers for everyone. Stakes and which bookie to bet with, however, are calcualted per-user based on your prefered bookies and stake-per-event.
You can become a GolfForecast member for £1 – this gives you access to our algorithm for 30 days. After those first 30 days, the cost is £29.99 a month.
Ideally between Monday night and Tuesday Afternoon GMT. But anytime before the event starts is ok. The tips may change (as the odds change) up until the weekly email is sent at Midday GMT on Tuesdays. After the email is the sent the Forecast is frozen, these are the tips we use for our records.
Yes. Using an exchange like Betfair is perfectly fine – in many cases we actually suggest using them over traditonal bookmakers. This is also a great solution if you’ve had bookie accounts restricted.
There is little value in betting on favourites. We looked back at 363 events dating back to the start of 2016. The pre-event bookie favourite won 30 times, or 8.26% of the time. With average (median) odds of 9/1 (which is equivalent to 1.11%), this represents poor value for your betting dollar.
We recommend that you place all your bets as each-way bets. An each-way bet is really two separate bets: a win bet (the player wins outright), and a place bet (the player “places” in the top 5, 6, 7 or 8). The number of winning “places” will vary by tournament and betting site. Here’s an example. You make a £10 each-way bet on a 20/1 selection and paying 1⁄5 the odds a place for the top 7. This bet actually costs you £20 (£10 for the win portion, and £10 for the place portion). If your golfer wins: ● Returns on the win part of the bet would be £10 × (20/1) + stake = £210 ● Returns on the place part of the bet would be £10 × (20/5) + stake = £50 ● Total returns would be £210 + £50 = £260 if the golfer wins, but just £50 if the golfer only finished second to seventh. You can calculate the payout of any scenario using our each-way bet calculator.
We do not make the bets for you – you’ll need to place these yourself. However, we provide all the betting information you need, on bookie and stake, to ensure the bets you make are profitable over the long term.
We provide tips for both the DP World Tour and PGA tours. To align with the overall GolfForecast profit experience, we recommend that you split your betting budget and bet on both tours.
We calculate the profits each week based on the best odds and terms available. This is what we put in our weekly email to you, and it’s what we base our profit calculations on. If you made less money, then you likely did not use the best recommended bookie for each tip, or the odds had changed before you placed your bets.
You might also get lucky and bet with a bookie that offers more places, even if at worse value, and therefore get a place payout when our algorithm did not.
Bookmakers make a 'book', a table of odds, in a such a way that they can make a profit no matter the outcome of an event.
For example, if there were 4 players competing, each with an equal chance of winning, they would have a 25% chance of winning, equivalent to odds of 3/1. However, a bookie will list players with slightly worse odds, as if they had a better than possible chance of winning. So, instead of 3/1 odds, they might list each player at 2/1 odds. This ensures the bookies will make money no matter who wins the event.
However, as bets are placed, some golfers will be more favoured betting targets than others. To avoid losses, the bookmarkers have algorithms that adjust player odds based on where people are betting. For example, using our 4 player example, a bookie might increase the odds of one golfer to 4/1 to attract additional bets. This implies a 20% chance of winning, when the true odds of the player winning is 25%. This 5% difference is the additional “value” that our algorithm seeks out and finds.

“The highest [profits] we have ever recorded over a whole trial.”

Honest Betting Reviews – 2021

“Probably the best Golf tipster in the UK.”

Make Money Forum – 2019

“You tell GolfForecast which bookies you're with and how much you're willing to bet. It then gives you the highest valued tips based on that. no maths, no work, just profits.”

Mark Ellis - 2021

Start 30 day trial for £1

For 30 days

Then £29.99 a month

Why our Golf Betting Tips are different

GolfForecast has spent years understanding what others cannot. To win at betting, you must exclude emotion and strictly focus on the numbers. It's been interesting working in an industry (being a golf tipster) where 95% of people who are "interested" are looking for free tips, to bet on tournaments here and there, ignore many of the important factors needed to increase value, and expect 1000% ROI's week after week.

Our message is clear. We provide a system that will produce results, the only thing you need to do is follow the strategy, and ride the waves. We thought people would find this easy, but over the thousands of users we've had use our system, only a few hundred were able to succeed.


Lack of statistical understanding. Every successful member we've spoken to has a firm understanding of compounding, time in the market, and patience.

We provide the highest chances of winning possible. By digging each week to uncover value, we can bet and say that we have the best odds possible. Most people take that as us providing a guaranteed win.

What this really means is that over the long term (4 months or more) having the best possible odds each week will be profitable, and the longer you bet the larger this profit is. However, there are down trends, as well as up trends, but the ups are larger than the downs.

Its proven time and time again with historical data. This applies to anything related to playing the odds. If your odds of winning a coin toss are 51%, you may still lose over 10 tosses, but over a larger data set, you will win.

You have to look at using our system through a data-oriented lens. Learn to understand how it works, and it will work for you. Why? Cause you'll stick with it.

Golf Forecast has a step-by-step system designed to eliminate any form of maths or guessing on the member's end. You will be betting like a pro, without all the back-end work. Here's how it works:

Market analysis

This section is free on our website, simply click on 'Forecasts' up on the header, pick that week's tournament, and scroll to the bottom. (Example image provided below).

bookie analysis,pga betting odds

The value within bookmakers is the first thing to understand when learning about betting. Some sports have better betting value than others, and some bookmakers provide better value than others. So, let me give you a little golden nugget. The easiest way to acquire value from sports betting is to bet on the sport with the highest value, using the bookmaker giving the best value. You will increase your odds dramatically just by doing this. Looking at the image above, we list the bookmakers/exchanges giving the best value for that given tournament.

Overround of best available is 6.8%. This means if you bet on every single player, using their best available odds (yes you would need to use several bookmakers) then you'd only lose 6.8% of your initial stake.

Overround of 'true value' of best available means if you bet on every single player, using their best available odds and EACH-WAY terms, you profit 4.9%. See how this analysis can take us from completely blind, to understanding the market value within a few minutes.

Obviously, we're not going to bet on every single player. But now that we've uncovered the market value, we want to uncover the players who have the most value.

Why our golf betting tips are different

Each week we write an article breaking down specific calculations relevant to that tournament, and provide the top 5 best free golf betting tips.

The traditional golf tipster and their golf betting strategies, who tips 3-5 players each week, will experience 2 things.

  • Long losing streaks due to the small percentage of players tipped relative to the field size

  • Large infrequent wins, due to the payouts being so lucrative when a player wins.

That strategy will have your accounts, faith, and emotions looking like the chart below.

People fantasize about pro-betting being this glamorous profession with all ups. Firstly, it's not very glamorous. Secondly, one must do what they can to protect their emotions and mental state, to avoid mistakes, failure, or lack of consistency within one's strategy.

Here at GolfForecast, we provide golf betting tips that are consistent, safe, and profitable. We've been providing golf betting tips to members since 2018, and our graph looks like this.

golf betting profit graphs

This is real data shown on our site, feel free to click any tournament on the graph to view the results.

What's important here is the lack of volatility. The overall trend is positive, and the down trends are consistent with each other. Meaning you know the rough time frame they will last. Not once did we come close to hitting 0, which is the #1 thing to avoid. We never want to add more funds to an account.

As you can see, there are periods that aren't profitable, but any period over 6 months provided a positive return. So, as simple as this sounds. If a member bets for 6 months or more, following the strategy, they are guaranteed to profit using our Golf betting tips.

So how do we do it?

By tipping around 22 players, we balance strike rate with ROI, and allow you to take advantage of the power of compound interest.

"Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it" - Einstein

The higher volume of players shortens the length of losing streaks, but it's the perfect balance to still achieve an impressive ROI when we win.

On average our gold betting tips won 1 in every 2.5 tournaments with an ROI of 120%-200%.

Another beautiful thing about our golf betting tips is our utilization of each-way bets. Even when our tips don't profit, we will still collect a sum of our stake back by having some players place.

Tracking your betting profits

Assuming you use more than one bookmaker, tracking your profits can be complicated. Hopping from one account to another to see where payouts came from isn't the most efficient.

Using our profit tracking sheet, you can input every bet you make and have the automatic calculations inform you of your progress. it's very simple to use, simply copy and paste the sheet below into a new excel or google sheet, and enter your bet information each week.

Tracking your betting profits

Before each tournament, enter the players you're going to bet on, which bookmaker you're using, the odds & each-way terms you secured, and how much you staked.

Once the tournament is finished, enter which players you got paid out on, and calculate the total paid out + profit.

How GolfForecast calculates the highest value golf tips

Now that we know the tournament’s overall value, we want to determine which players have the best chances of winning, statistically. That’s how we can shift losing bets to winning ones. GolfForecast takes the top 22% of undervalued players, ranks them from highest to lowest, and voila, there are the highest value golf betting tips. Now, let’s do the math.

Here is the calculation process (we’ll use our top pick for this given tournament, Keegan Bradley as an example).

calculates the highest value golf tips

 The process

1. The Implied percentage (the odds made by a bookmaker in the form of a percentage). 2.78%

2. Normalised percentage (the odds made by a bookmaker in the form of a percentage if they were to break even). 2.41%

3.  Predicted percentage (the odds made by our algorithm in the form of a percentage). 1.98%. This is based on available player data, golf course data, and weather predictions from the official world golf ranking website. The most relevant data points are gathered and weighed each week.

4. Discrepancy percentage (the difference between our algorithms prediction and the normalised percentage). 2.41% - 2.78% = -0.42%

Rather than just looking at the bookmaker's odds to assess a player's likelihood of winning, we had to uncover a different and much more accurate view of a player's potential success. Keegan Bradleys discrepancy percentage is far better than any of the favorites above him.

We do this calculation for every player in the field and filter by the discrepancy percentage (The higher the better). Our algorithm picks the top 22% of undervalued players while excluding longshots (over 150/1) and favorites (Under 22/1) this is what our members use to bet.

Understanding our golf betting tips

Firstly, all tips are intended to be placed as each-way bets. Learn why we bet e/w here.

If you're still trying to figure out how those players got highlighted green, focus on the discrepancy percentage. The top 22% of percentages that are not long-shots or favorites are our picks.

We get asked a lot. Why would you exclude favourites? Well, you'd be surprised at rare it is for them to win. Learn how often favourites actually win here.

The bookmaker or exchange highlighted next to each player has the best value. This will likely change as well, so it’s wise to do some bookie comparison before you bet. GolfForecast members benefit from automatic updates based on the bookies they are signed up with – we highlight the top bookmaker from the ones they have accounts with. Want the full list of US Open tips? Register with GolfForecast to claim your 30-day trial.

How do I know how much to bet on each player?

Our golf betting tips are designed to pay out the same amount no matter who wins. This is done by strategically distributing a user's stake across all the bets. For example, if our top pick, who has odds of 28/1 wins, we'll get the same return as if our last pick, with odds of 110/1 wins. This is a crucial part of our strategy because it achieves consistency, and ensures you're not wasting money on players with lower odds. Time and time again, ill see bet sheets where each player has the same wager amount.

At GolfForecast, members indicate how much they’d like to stake in total, and GolfForecast will efficiently distribute their stake across all tips (see an example from a member's account below). Learn about our stake per event feature here.

RBC Canadian open bookie comparison

Using free bets to your advantage

One thing many of our members have utilized is free bets credited to their accounts. This will increase value because you don't have to bet using your own money. It's especially useful on losing weeks because you won't lose anything. How it works is bookmakers will offer promotions to encourage you to bet, when these come up take advantage of them while you can because free bets expire. However, they don't expire before the next upcoming golf tournaments.

If you're using free bet stakes, ensure you record which player the free bet applied to. These are important when uncovering discrepancies in the results. When using a free bet credit, let's say £20, if you win £200, you will only get £180 because the £20 you used to bet wasn't yours.

A few other things to keep in mind when using free bets are

  • max qualifying bet stake

  • how free bets paid

  • What tournaments they apply to ("travelers championship only")

  • bet credits stake

  • qualifying bet settlement

bookmakers can be sneaky with how free bets are applied.