How to make golf betting, profitable.

Are you betting on golf without a strategy?

That’s the easiest way to leave your hard earned money on the table. Here's why:

Most of the time, betting doesn’t pay. It may be fun, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to give your money away. As most bettors know, only a small % of people know how to profit consistently. These people have a solid understanding of probability and value. They analyze the bookies, all the terms/odds, and then find value within the market and slowly build their accounts to stake large amounts of money confidently. Whether you like it or not, finding value is the only way to make consistent returns on your bets.

However, most of us don’t have the capacity, knowledge or time to do this. And that’s where an algorithm comes into play. An algorithm is a computer program that completes certain calculations automatically. For golf betting, if you create the algorithm correctly, with the right calculations and strategy, you can generate the highest probability of winning.

That’s what we’ve done at GolfForecast. Before you roll your eyes, I want to highlight our results, and explain how our 250+ members use it to turn a small sum of money into a large one. This will not happen overnight. But it will happen if you stick with it. As an example, over a 10 month period one of our GolfForecast members (Mark) posted about turning his initial £1000 into over £2000 using our algorithm and, more importantly, compounding. See his post in our Members group below.

You may be thinking "well they probably just got lucky". One thing we pride ourselves on is consistency - our algorithm won't make you £10,000 overnight, but the wins are consistent and predictable. See the profit trend of our algorithm in the photo below (The graph can also be found on our homepage). If you want to start betting profitably, you can trial our algorithm for 30-days for only £1.

If you aren't fully convinced, here's another member (Andy) highlighting his results. Given he 6x his bankroll in a similar time frame than Mark, his compounds strategy would have been more aggressive. When members join GolfForecast, we give them compounding options to suit your risk level. 

As noted in Mark's post, he clearly understood our 10% rule. This isn't a random percentage. 10% ensures a members bankroll never hits £0, and allows them to compound their stake easily, which is where the big money is made. 10% is not an absolute - members can swing lower for safer, yet slower growth (like Mark), or slightly higher, for more volatile, but bigger gains (like Andy).

Compounding is a simple concept, yet we've seen many members start with £500 (staking £50 per event) and continue staking that amount as their bankroll grows. Think of it this way, you need 2 things in place to become successful:

- An algorithm to find value and produce results

- A strategy (10% stake rule) to leverage those results safely and efficiently

Doubling your bankroll in 10 months may not seem like a huge return, but as Mark understood, the return over time is consistent. If you bet a total of £300 in one month and make back £100, then a year from now you could be betting £3000 each month and expect a consistent £1000 back. The goal isn't to win big – it's to build your account so you can increase stakes – and that's when things get fun.

To be clear, the GolfForecast algorithm does not try to pick winners outright. Our algorithm is designed to find the highest 20% of value within the field, distribute the stake across that 20%, and leverage the generous “each way” (e/w) terms here in Britain. Members using the GolfForecast algorithm profit 1 in every 2.5 tournaments, and almost never lose 100% of their stake due to the combination of e/w terms and spreading their stake across many different players.

We keep a close eye on the results of each tournament.Click here to view our results dating back to 2018.

We know there is some skepticism within the tipster world. That’s why we offer our algorithm for 30 days for only £1 to prove we're legitimate. Once you're signed up, we personally reach out to walk you through the algorithm and strategy you will be using based on how much money you start with, and which tours you want to bet on.