The answers to your most frequently asked questions

1. When do the tips become available?

Tips are available on our website as soon as the odds are available on oddschecker.com. They may change (as the odds available change) up until the weekly email is sent out (Midday GMT).

2. Do I have to manually put the bets on myself?

Yes. Unfortunately we can’t put the actual bets on for you, but we do everything else!

3. Which tours should I bet on?

This is based on preference. We recommend betting on both the European and the PGA tour. The algorithm is equally profitable for both tours.

4. Should I place all my bets as each-way?

Yes, all bets should be placed as each-way bets, in order to take advantage of the bookies' generous each-way terms. More info

5. When should I put my bets on?

Ideally between Monday night and Tuesday Afternoon GMT. But anytime up until the event starts is ok.

The tips may change slightly (as the odds change) up until the weekly email is sent at Midday GMT on Tuesdays.

Note: the tips we use for our records are the ones sent out in the email.

6. The odds changed, what should I do?

Still bet on the same players tipped. They don’t usually change drastically in value after midday on a Tuesday. To avoid missing out on value it’s best to place your bets as soon as they are available.

7. 22% of the field! Why do you tip so many golfers??

8. You say you tip 22% of the field but there’s 156 players this week and only 22 selections, shouldn’t there be 34 selections?

The 22% is by probability.
  • I.e. If Jon Rahm had odds of 9/1, this is equivalent to a 10% chance of winning whereas Ian Poulter might have odds of 100/1, equivalent to just a 1% chance.
  • We then normalize those probabilities (make them add up to 100%) so Jon Rahm’s actual chances (as defined by the bookies) might be closer to 8% (depending on the market overround). You can see these numbers in the forecast table. Then adding up the normalized probabilities of our tips equates to roughly 22%.
  • Note: this means we should pick the winner 22% of the time (actually closer to 17% of the time due to the margins). However, as you can see from the profit graphs, we actually pick a winner closer to 30% of the time.

9. Your email said you made 'x' profit but I only made 'y'?

In the weekly email, and the profit graphs, we calculate the profits each week based on the best odds and terms available. If you made less money then you must not have used the best bookie for each tip.
We advise betting with all the available bookies if possible, although an acccount with the the 3 or 4 best bookies for golf should suffice - you can find out which bookies are best for golf here

10. How do I unsubscribe?

Login and click on my account in the top right, then under subscription details there is a link to unsubscribe.
Note: if you subscribed through a third-party like clickbank then you need to unsubscribe via their website.

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