The answers to your most frequently asked questions

About Golf Forecast

How does Golf Forecast work?

We've created an algorithm that finds the highest-value picks for every PGA and DP World tournament. Members receive a weekly email with preferred bets, the bookies with the best odds for those bets and a recommended stake based on your budget.

Why is Golf Forecast different?

While most people will bet on three to six players per tournament, Golf Forecast provides tips on an average of 22% of the field. This strategy promotes a better balance between cost and ROI.

Which golf tours do you cover?

We offer betting selections for all PGA and DP World tours.

How do you select your picks?

Our predictions are based on course data, player statistics, form and weather from the past three years. These data points are combined with the bookies odds to determine the true value for each player.

Which algorithm should I use?

We provide two options: standard or aggressive. They are both designed to work with time series data. We recommend new users start with the standard algorithm.

What is your average ROI?

Since 2018, our tips have resulted in 20-25% ROI monthly.

Do you ever lose?

Yes. There will always be losing streaks. However, history shows that members who bet consistently with our tips over any period longer than three months have been profitable.

Placing your bets

Why do you tip so many golfers?

For our Standard algorithm, we provide bet recommendations for 17 to 27 golfers per event. Our history shows that doing so reduces your risk and provides more consistent returns.

How come your tips don’t include favourites?

There is little value in betting on favourites. In fact, for 363 events dating back to the start of 2016, we found that only 30 of pre-event bookie favourites won, a mere 8.2% of the time.

Are the tips customised to me?

We tip the same golfers for everyone, but the stakes and which bookies to bet with are calculated per user based on your preferred bookies and stakes per event.

When are the tips released?

Our tips are posted in your account and sent via email every Tuesaday.

When is the ideal time to place bets?

For best results, place your bets before the specified tournament begins.

Is the betting system automated?

No. While we offer you the best bets and a preferred bookie to use, you must manually place your bets.

Should I place all my bets each-way?

We recommend placing all your bets as each-way bets, as it increases your odds of winning significantly. Read more about the science of each-way betting here.

What happens when the odds change?

We recommend to continue to bet on the same players. Bookie odds typically stabilise after Midday on Tuesday. Place your bets as soon as they are available to secure the best value.

Can I use a betting exchange?

Yes. Using an exchange like Betfair is perfectly OK.