Take your golf betting profits to the next level

The GolfForecast algorithm gives you the highest value golf tips possible. We provide you with:

  • Picks for both the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour
  • Calculated budget distribution based on your bank
  • Optimal bookie selection for each tip, taking into account your preferred bookies

Our return on investment in 2021 was over 75%.

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Profit transparency – see all results

Our profit graph and table provides the results for each tournament since our start in 2018.

Get answers to your questions

Our FAQs have all the details about how GolfForecast works – and how easy it is to use.

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You can try GolfForecast for 30-days for £1. Our monthly subscription fee is £29 after that. There’s no long-term commitment. You can cancel your trial – or your subscription – at any time. No questions asked.

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Use the profit graphs to see the results of our algorithm

How to read the graphs:
Assume 1 point = £10. E.g.: each tournament you bet 20 points (£200).
+35 points means a profit of £355, -20 points means a loss of £200.

Hover over or click on the graph for more info

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At £10 per point.

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As a % of inital bank.
From Jan 1st '18 till now

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Avg. Monthly Profit

At £10 per point.

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Strike Rate

Percent of events with positive return.

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Winner Strike Rate

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Divide your starting bank by this num = what you should stake per event. Lower the better.

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"22 tips an event!? Why so many?"

By tipping around 22 players, we balance strike rate with ROI, and allow you to take advantage of the power of compound interest.

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it - Einstein


  • Take full advantage of golf's generous each-way betting terms:
    • Did you know: each-way terms of 7 @ 1/5 equate to around 24% extra value compared to a win-only bet! more info
  • Safer
    • So you can stake a greater percentage of your bank, per event (or start with a smaller bank).
  • Consistent
    • More consistent returns mean you can better take advantage of compound interest.


  • Effort
    • Requires more effort to place extra bets.

Profits when utilising compound interest

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At £10 per point.

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As a % of inital bank.
From Jan 1st '18 till now

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Avg. Monthly Profit

At £10 per point.

To achieve these results:

Bet 1/10th of your bank on each event until you double bank. Then increase your stakes by 50%.

Starting on Jan 1st 2018 with a bank of £2000, we bet £200 (20 Points) on each event.

By mid Apr 2018 our bank is up to £4000 (200 point profit) so we increase our stake-per-event to £300.

And so on... that's how we make higher profits than any other tipster.

Common Questions

We make tips for weekly tournaments available on our website as soon as the odds are available on oddschecker.com – typically Monday of each week. They will also be sent to your inbox every Tuesday.
For our diversified algorithm (which we recommend), we provide bet recommendations for 17 to 27 golfers per event. This reduces your risk on any one event, and provides more consistent returns. It also makes it easier to compound your winnings and slowly increase your stakes in future events.
Yes and no, we tip the same golfers for everyone. Stakes and which bookie to bet with, however, are calcualted per-user based on your prefered bookies and stake-per-event.
You can become a GolfForecast member for £1 – this gives you access to our algorithm for 30 days. After those first 30 days, the cost is £29.99 a month.
Ideally between Monday night and Tuesday Afternoon GMT. But anytime before the event starts is ok. The tips may change (as the odds change) up until the weekly email is sent at Midday GMT on Tuesdays. After the email is the sent the Forecast is frozen, these are the tips we use for our records.
Yes. Using an exchange like Betfair is perfectly fine – in many cases we actually suggest using them over traditonal bookmakers. This is also a great solution if you’ve had bookie accounts restricted.
There is little value in betting on favourites. We looked back at 363 events dating back to the start of 2016. The pre-event bookie favourite won 30 times, or 8.26% of the time. With average (median) odds of 9/1 (which is equivalent to 1.11%), this represents poor value for your betting dollar.
We recommend that you place all your bets as each-way bets. An each-way bet is really two separate bets: a win bet (the player wins outright), and a place bet (the player “places” in the top 5, 6, 7 or 8). The number of winning “places” will vary by tournament and betting site. Here’s an example. You make a £10 each-way bet on a 20/1 selection and paying 1⁄5 the odds a place for the top 7. This bet actually costs you £20 (£10 for the win portion, and £10 for the place portion). If your golfer wins: ● Returns on the win part of the bet would be £10 × (20/1) + stake = £210 ● Returns on the place part of the bet would be £10 × (20/5) + stake = £50 ● Total returns would be £210 + £50 = £260 if the golfer wins, but just £50 if the golfer only finished second to seventh. You can calculate the payout of any scenario using our each-way bet calculator.
We do not make the bets for you – you’ll need to place these yourself. However, we provide all the betting information you need, on bookie and stake, to ensure the bets you make are profitable over the long term.
We provide tips for both the DP World Tour and PGA tours. To align with the overall GolfForecast profit experience, we recommend that you split your betting budget and bet on both tours.
We calculate the profits each week based on the best odds and terms available. This is what we put in our weekly email to you, and it’s what we base our profit calculations on. If you made less money, then you likely did not use the best recommended bookie for each tip, or the odds had changed before you placed your bets.
You might also get lucky and bet with a bookie that offers more places, even if at worse value, and therefore get a place payout when our algorithm did not.
Bookmakers make a 'book', a table of odds, in a such a way that they can make a profit no matter the outcome of an event.
For example, if there were 4 players competing, each with an equal chance of winning, they would have a 25% chance of winning, equivalent to odds of 3/1. However, a bookie will list players with slightly worse odds, as if they had a better than possible chance of winning. So, instead of 3/1 odds, they might list each player at 2/1 odds. This ensures the bookies will make money no matter who wins the event.
However, as bets are placed, some golfers will be more favoured betting targets than others. To avoid losses, the bookmarkers have algorithms that adjust player odds based on where people are betting. For example, using our 4 player example, a bookie might increase the odds of one golfer to 4/1 to attract additional bets. This implies a 20% chance of winning, when the true odds of the player winning is 25%. This 5% difference is the additional “value” that our algorithm seeks out and finds.

“The highest [profits] we have ever recorded over a whole trial.”

Honest Betting Reviews – 2021

“Probably the best Golf tipster in the UK.”

Make Money Forum – 2019

“You tell GolfForecast which bookies you're with and how much you're willing to bet. It then gives you the highest valued tips based on that. no maths, no work, just profits.”

Mark Ellis - 2021

Start 30 day trial for £1

For 30 days

Then £29.99 a month

Golf Betting Tips

Golf Forecast predicts what others cannot.

Golf betting tips are better when you have the right company that can help you when you place your bets. Golf Forecast is the right company. We could take your high value golf betting into better heights through our own algorithm.

There are golf betting strategies that you may want to know about and it is up to you to make sure that you get the right qualifying bet based on the golf predictions that we share.

How does it work?

As stated in the Golf Forecast landing page, the Golf Forecast algorithm gives you the highest chance and the highest value of golf tips possibles.

We make sure that we utilize your budget based on how you can maximize the bet credits stake. What does this mean exactly? Let us discuss.

Golf betting tips sent via email

Prior to Golf Forecast, you have probably been basing your golf betting tips on a golf betting forum or on the golf predictions that others share with you.

Here at Golf Forecast, our goal is to make sure that you will not lose sleep over golf betting strategies that do not work. Our golf betting tips will work for you and that is exactly what we are here for.

What is included in our golf betting tips?

Our golf betting tips, sent through an email, provides information on the odds about each player. We aim to answer the questions:

What is the chance of a specific player ranking first, second, or third, etc? The odds are calculated based on skills of the player as well as the factors that affect the specific putt. We do not want to bore you with the details but when we say that we consider everything, we mean everything,

Which bookie should I put my bet on? Where should you put your bet? This is also answered by the information we provide for you every email.

Utilizing budget distribution techniques

We know that you have a budget for your bets. We help you utilise your budget based on how you can maximize your bet stakes by providing you information on which bookie you can put your bet on.

While bookies are guaranteed to make profit whoever wins, individuals who make bets are not guaranteed such a win. By using Golf Forecast predictions, you fight greater odds.

You can use our odds and what we send out via email to help you make a better bet. This way, you can utilise the budget distribution that you want to make while making a bet.

Helping clients with optimal bookie selection

Golf Forecast has been live since the start of 2016. We have collected odds for every pga and european tour event. For Golf Forecast, our average margin is a massive 42.5% with a standard deviation of just 7.0.

This means that no matter who wins, the bookmaker who has taken on $100,000 worth of bets on the event with an over round of 50% can expect to make a whopping $50,000 profit.

Proven track record

Golf Forecast has been around for quite some time now. Since 2016, we have provided the best information that our clients need to get and how they can utilise their bets. This proven track records has allowed us to operate despite the challenges of the time, including the pandemic.

Why choose Golf Forecast?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose the golf betting tips coming from Golf Forecast. Let us count the ways:

Golf Forecast helps you with bets

Most of the golf betting tips that we release are sent via email.. They may change but we make sure that we send out emails in case our golf betting tips change. There is no need to worry because the odds do not usually change drastically in value after midday on a Tuesday.

You can bet on the European Tour and the PGA Tour

The European tour and the PGA tour are both very different. You can bet on both with what Golf Forecast has to offer you.

While you can choose based on your own preference, we can provide you with golf betting tips for both the European tour and the PGA tour.

There are also some golf betting tips that are available for you if you want to make sure that you check out all golf betting tips on the website and more.

Easy each-way betting system

We provide you with a very easy each-way bet. As we have said above, we recommend that you do an each-way bet whether you are dealing with the PGA tour or any other golf tournament that we cover.

An each-way bet can be thought of as two separate bets: a win bet and a place bet. The place bet will be at reduced odds for the player to finish in the top x.

As an example, let us use the one we have used in our FAQ:

  • A £10 each-way bet on a 10/1 selection and paying 1⁄5 the odds a place for the top 7 would cost £20.
  • Returns on the win part of the bet would be £10 × (20/1) + stake = £210
  • Returns on the place part of the bet would be £10 × (20/5) + stake = £50
  • Total returns would be £210 + £50 = £260 if the golfer wins, but just £50 if the golfer only finished second to seventh.

Golf betting tips are always updated

We make sure that we send you the free golf betting tips when you need to get them. We are always here to help you out and the best way that we can do that is to make sure that our golf betting tips are always updated.

Once we receive the bets that we think will work best for you, we do our best to make sure that you receive the information. This is why in some situations, the bettings odds would change. We will provide you with the min odds as soon as we receive them. We will not skimp on the information that could get you the best first bet that could help you win.

30-day trial for £1 for everyone who wants quality information

We offer a free 30 day trial to try and make sure that you are on the right path. We make sure that you at least know what you are doing before you even get started on the real path towards betting.

We give you a 30-day trial for £1 so you can see the lay of the land. We know we are the right partner for your golf betting, will you let us help you? You can find out the answer to this when you check out our offer through the free 30-day trial that we bring you.

New customers always get the best deals so they can have a good first bet and win.

You can use the profit graphs to see the results of our algorithm

On our homepage, we told you about how you can use the profit graphs to see the results of our algorithm. This is pure mathematics and we can guarantee that you can trust the predictions that we tell you.

Golf Forecast does the work for you

Golf Forecast works based on what we can from the data coming from a data scientist, an avid golfer with years of experience.

We have an algorithm that helps us almost guarantee that our golf betting tips would be at par with your expectations. This determination comes from many different factors such as the golf course, the distance, the weather, and many other variables that affect a golf tournament.

We source the data

We source the data. We have a data scientist that provides us with the right data or where we can find the right data.

What does this mean for the end-user?

This means that you can rely on the data that we source as we have carefully selected and chosen our data sources as if our lives depend on it.

We use the right algorithm to go with the data. But, we believe that we need to have the right data that would work for our clients. There is no need to worry. We check and double check our sources. We outsource only from reliable sources. We make sure that you are happy with our output so we would never use data that we cannot back on.

We forecast a prediction

With the data that we got, we forecast our prediction. This is why you subscribed to us in the first place and we make sure that we comply with exactly what you want from us.

While we make sure that you have the best bets, we also make sure that we predict the best, better, and the good odds on the rankings that we come up with.

We play the min odds but we make sure that you can get the maximum from the data that we can provide for you. We let the data speak for us, that is the Golf Forecast magic.

We take a deep dive into what we can provide for our clients and use mathematical tools that never lie and have a small chance of error. Our predictions are topnotch, this is why we have been around for a while and we are still thriving.

We compare with bookies

Who is going to give you the best results for your bet based on the ranking that the algorithm came up with? We also provide this on the emails that we send you.

We send the best golf betting tips to your email

When all is said and done, we make sure that we send out the best golf betting tips to your email. We do not need to meet anywhere. You simply have to get our services. Make sure that you have an account registered on our website. We will send out an email on our predictions once you are subscribed.

What do we expect you to do?

As a golf enthusiast, you also have a set of responsibilities that you should follow if you want to be successful in making a bet. What are the things that you should do right if you are to make a bet with Golf Forecast?

Make a bet

It would be your responsibility to make sure that you make a qualifying bet and that you follow the min odds and all requirements for betting.

Again, we can only provide you with golf betting tips, always keep this in mind. You have to do the manual betting yourself and place the bets manually yourself. We can only give you the best golf betting tips, we do not make the bets for you.

Have fun and follow your heart

Making a bet does not need to be a problem or an issue. You can simply follow your heart in making a bet after we have shared the information that we have gathered for you. If you feel like making a bet with one who has the minimum odds, you can always do so.

Have fun and follow your heart when you make a bet and there would be no bet wasted.

Golf Forecast is the right golf betting tips company for you

We offer free golf betting tips. We have updates on golf tournaments. We make sure that our clients are always updated with the right odds.

Our updated golf tips aim to make sure that you always know what is happening in the world of golf and you can see the odds on the ranking of every player.

We have qualifying bets that could help you out. With the price of the 30 day trial, we considered these are free bet stakes for you to just take advantage of.

Here at Golf Forecast, we want you to gamble responsibly by not just placing free bets everywhere but by placing informed and data-driven bets that would give you profit. You should make sure that you check out the minimum odds for every player.

When you are placing your first qualifying bet, it should be based on the predictions of the algorithm.

Place your bet and Golf Forecast predictions guide you to do the rest.