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Each week, our proven algorithm gives you the best value bets, including suggested stakes and preferred bookies

An expertly-crafted golf betting system

We meticulously research and analyse thousands of data points to uncover high-value opportunities with the best potential return.

100% Independent and personalised to your budget

Our golf betting system is 100% independent, providing the top tips, best bookie odds and the recommended stake based on your budget - all backed by data.

Proven proprietary algorithm - Since 2018

Our battle-tested algorithm dives into player odds, form, weather, and more each week to give you a statistical and strategic advantage.

Eliminate the guesswork of golf betting

Receive a weekly email with the best golf picks for each tournament. All you have to do is place your bet with your betting provider, making your betting experience hassle-free.

Proven results since 2018


*Profit since 2018


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Go big, or small

Tailor your strategy based on your risk appetite. Opt for our Standard Algorithm for consistent gains or unleash the Aggressive Algorithm for high-reward opportunities.

Making golf betting easy

Golf Forecast isn't just about delivering picks. Our step-by-step system eliminates the guesswork. Simply check your inbox weekly for the best tips, optimal stakes and best bookie selection.

Beat the bookies

Through our data-driven approach, we meticulously analyze the market to uncover hidden value in the best odds. Weekly, we pinpoint undervalued odds, giving you a distinctive edge against the market.

Time in, money out

We believe in transparency and long-term success. Our system is designed to produce positive results over time. While there is no guarantee of winning each week, our historical data consistently shows that any period exceeding six months guarantees a positive return.

From the Winners Circle

“You tell GolfForecast which bookies you're with and how much you're willing to bet. It then gives you the highest valued tips based on that. no maths, no work, just profits"

Gary Fisher, UK

“It's a game-changer for golf betting enthusiasts seeking simplicity and unmatched returns. Truly impressive!"

Kyle Young, CA

“With GolfForecast, I simply input my bookies and preferred bet amount, and voilà – top-notch tips for profitable returns."

Mark McDonnell, UK

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